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Temperature Controller
The temperature-controlled air pressure therapy monitor intelligently sets the temperature required for cold therapy and hyperthermia and the pressure required for air pressure therapy, and combines with the negative pressure drainage technology to effectively treat the patient's affected area.
At the same time of treatment, it can intelligently monitor the skin surface temperature, degree of swelling, and exudate.
Doctors can adjust the treatment plan in time through remote monitoring

Technical parameter

  • Input voltage AC 220 V 50 Hz 
  • Maximum power 1200VA
  • Water tank capacity 1.5L
  • Adjustable water temperature range 3-50°
  • Adjustable air pressure 30-200 mmHG
  • Adjustable negative pressure 100-450 mmHG
  • Volume 642*424*1140mm
  • Weight 34kg
  • Alarm prompt function
  • A variety of tapes to meet the needs of various parts


Cold therapy function

  • Analgesic
  • Slow down nerve conduction velocity, promote vasoconstriction, increase pain threshold and pain tolerance

  • Slow blood flow
  • Promotes vasoconstriction and slows blood flow, which is beneficial for early postoperative swelling and reducing bleeding

  • Slows down cell metabolism
  • Oxygen demand is reduced, reducing the need for oxygen and other nutrients in damaged tissues

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce the number of tissue necrosis, control the inflammatory response, and shorten the tissue recovery time

Thermotherapy function

  • Promote the dissipation of inflammation, promote blood circulation, increase blood flow, speed up metabolism, enhance white blood cell phagocytosis function;
  • Increase soft tissue flexibility, reduce muscle spasm, and improve muscle motor function;
  • Reduce excitability of pain sensory nerves and relieve pain.
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