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Lingyi Sweat-Care Sprayer

LingYi Sweat-Care Sprayer

Efficacy: antiperspirant, refreshing,, antiperspirant spray, prevent unpleasant smell 
Specification type: normal specification
Volume:30ml, 50ml

Clean sweat, prevent unpleasant smell , aim at people with heavy sweat or easy to sweat. Squirt away and retain it's fresh

1. Quick clean taste
Spray easily to drive off odors
Date, dinner, and spray before the meeting to solve the embarrassment, even if you get closer, you can’t smell the smell, only remain fresh

2. Continuous freshness
Using packaged slow-release technology, it keeps refreshing, quickly destroys sweat molecules and keeps fresh.

3. Transparent and seamless
This product is colorless and transparent. It is absorbed directly by the skin after use and does not stay on the surface of the skin, so it will not cause dyeing.
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