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Respiratory Infection Cooler
At present, the cooling of fever children in China is mainly based on ibuprofen cooling drugs, which are prone to side effects. Most of the physical cooling uses traditional cooling methods such as fever-reducing stickers or alcohol wipes, and the effect is minimal. The product design of the respiratory sensor is aimed at children and adults with fever, and hopes to use physical temperature controller to control the patient's body temperature between 37.5℃-38℃. While avoiding high fever, it can effectively inhibit bacteria and viruses, prevent basic metabolic disorders, and at the same time enhance immunity.

Respiratory Infection Cooling device contains  a controller hard device and a temperature-controlled clothing to provide temperature treatment for the patient and monitor the patient's body temperature. The temperature-controlled clothing material is comfortable and can be worn around to prevent slipping.

Most people at night need to stay in bed and cannot monitor the patient's situation all the time. The patient's body temperature is monitored through the device. If it is too high, the alarm sound mode is activated. When the patient's body temperature reaches 38.5°C, the cooling mechanism of the respiratory sensor will be activated after 10 minutes. When the body temperature drops to 37.5°C, the cooling will be suspended to keep the body in a constant temperature and activate the immune system. If the body temperature continues to rise and reach at 38.5 °C, start the cooling mechanism repeatly. The selection of water temperature for treatment has been verified, to comfort and rapid cooling.
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