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Electronic Temperature Monitor

Remote monitoring for fever, upper respiratory tract infection patients and family members 

Body temperature monitoring | continuous monitoring | high temperature alarm | remote monitoring


Remote monitoring of their families for patients with fever and upper respiratory infections . Monitor the patient's body temperature for 24 hours, and conduct self-examination at the same time to form historical data. Family members can remotely view and push knowledge about upper respiratory tract infection.

This product recommends the remote real-time monitoring method, which is worn by the fevered person, performs 24-hour real-time monitoring, and automatically reports the data until the symptom ends. Family members can remotely obtain the temperature data of the fevered person through the server.

High and low temperature alarm
Sleep peacefully
Set the temperature value of the high and low temperature alarm by yourself. When the patient reaches that temperature, the mobile phone will immediately give an alarm. Family members do not need to wake up every hour to measure the patient's body temperature, and
 sleep peacefully

Remote monitoring
Knows body temperature changes at any time
Being busy and unable to keep an eye on the patient's fever. The remote monitoring device allows family members who cannot be around to see body temperature anytime, anywhere.

Intelligent temperature monitor, customized shoulder strap
Lightweight without foreign body sensation
According to the characteristics of all people, the shoulder strap is customized to ensure that the wear of the shoulder strap is in full contact with the body, and the monitor accurately monitors. Easy to wear, no foreign body sensation.

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