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EEG Sleep Analysis System
Electroencephalogram (EEG) is a very important tool for studying sleep. EEG signal contains a lot of physiological and pathological information, which plays a very important role in clinical medicine and brain science research, helping doctors to make the final judgement.

The patient was admitted to a sleep therapy center, and according to the sleep staging criteria issued by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, in order to build a large sleep database, Zhongling cooperated with many hospitals across the country and received support. Zhongling Yiyouchuang developed this sleep staging system, which not only improves the accuracy of image division, but also greatly improves efficiency. The EEG sleep analysis system consists of three parts: big sleep data, sleep staging software, and knowledge graph. The interface of the sleep staging software is simple and the operation is simple, which effectively assists the doctor to make the final judgment. The built-in algorithm of the sleep staging system uses a variety of algorithm models to integrate the sleep monitoring data through data superposition, machine learning, and influencing factors. Through a large number of model verifications, the accuracy rate of automatic staging and above is achieved, and subsequent self-learning through AI will increase the accuracy rate by 100% , Gradually replace the work of sleep technicians, and compatible with all sleep monitoring equipment in the mainstream market.

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