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Marketing Specialist

Position Description:

1、Comply with the implementation of the company's various management systems;

2、Formulate and complete relevant sales plans and market-related activities according to company planning;

3、Responsible for customer management and maintenance, assisting in maintaining good cooperation between medical experts and medical customers;

4、Responsible for assisting the recruitment, selection, training and deployment of sales personnel;

5、Provide medical knowledge training of marketing system;

6、Participate in the performance management of post evaluation within the department;

7、Complete the tasks assigned by superior leaders and the company.

Job Requirements:

1、Educational requirements: Master degree or above, English level CET6 or above, proficient in reading and understanding English literature;

2、Professional requirements: clinical medicine, pharmacy, laboratory and other related majors;

3、Working experience in pharmaceutical marketing is preferred;

4、Familiar with the pharmaceutical industry and various pharmaceutical policies, with solid medical knowledge and related product knowledge;

5、Have relevant work skills first, marketing related PS and other flat video processing software, marketing management related skills, learning and summarizing ability.

Monthly salary and basic subsidies for positions, other performances are calculated separately:


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