The production center meets the requirements of medical device production quality management regulations, introducesadvanced production equipment, and uses an efficient production management information system to collect, analyze, and control process data.
Establish a quality management system that conforms to the ISO13485 standard to ensure stable production that meet safety, high quality, and customer satisfaction.

1.Clean Workshop

Various types of sterile biological dressing products,rigorous process flow, production equipment meets GMP requirements, and the operating environment meets the required cleanliness standards. It contains testing workshops such as positive control room, sterile laboratory and microbiological limit room.

2.Smart Workshop

with all kinds of meidical and rehabilitation electronic deveices, and the production environment meets the requirement of dustproof,antistatic, clean and pollution-free.

3.Information Storage

To build an advanced integrated information management system,scientifically manage the receipt of raw materials, production and distribution, storage and delivery of finished products. Visually manage items such as classification&coding, partitioning, and intensive storage to ensure efficient traceability of raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products in production, storage, and service.

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