1.Corporate Culture

"gratitude"----the grace of dripping water should be reciprocated by a gushing spring。;

"mutual benefit"----work together to build up the future;

"improvement"----Hit the key pints and make the improvement;

"change"----new renovation;

"neutralization"----follow the right way and stop at the best point

2.Target and Vision

      The company is committed to combining next-generation information technology, artificial intelligence and general health needs, providing intelligent and convenient medical and health products and services made in China, improving medical quality and efficiency, and improving the quality of life The company's goal is to become a benchmarking enterprise for independent innovation in smart medical care and help China become a healthy, powerful country

     1、The main objectives of the first Five-Year Plan: based on the health industry, establish an integrated production, marketing, research and financial operation system, complete the transition preparation for small and micro enterprises to medium and large groups, and establish an authorized and standardized supervision operation system.
     2、The main goals of the Second Five-Year Plan: based on the large health industry, establish a "four-center" operating system, form a group company of the entire industry chain, complete the transition from small and micro enterprises to medium and large groups, and establish a management and control system that meets the needs of the world market.

3.Organisation Structure

Zhonglingyi consists of Zhonglingyi Biological Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhonglingyi Youchuang Technology Co., Ltd.

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